What is your mission?

The mission of the Path of Hope Foundation is to provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships to impoverished girls in Central America to assist them in obtaining an education. We believe that by educating girls, we are able to positively impact communities.

Is the Path of Hope Foundation affilitated with a religious or government organization?

While the idea for Path of Hope was born out of mission trips to Honduras, the recipients of the educational scholarships are selected based on financial need without regard to religious preferences.

Can I sponsor a particular girl?  Can I get letters from her?

Currently, we match donors with an individual girl. This allows the donor to remember the girl on a daily basis and to watch the student grow and mature over the period of time they are going to school. When you first elect to sponsor a girl, you will receive a profile card including the girl’s picture. We send updated pictures of the girl every year. You will also receive a Sponsor Card when you begin sponsoring a girl that we ask you to fill out and return to us. These cards are translated and given to the girls so they know something about their sponsor, including a picture, if you choose to send one.

You may also receive a letter from your sponsored girl each year. While we do not feel that forcing our students to maintain a relationship with a person they have never met is fair, we often receive letters from the girls that they have written to their sponsors and when we do, we will translate and forward those on to you.

What does a girls’ scholarship cover?

While public education in Honduras is government funded, once students finish primary school (grades 1-6) they must leave the village schools and travel to major cities to continue their education. Path of Hope scholarships cover the fees associated with this including uniforms, books and supplies, and transportation costs to and from school.

How much is a Path of Hope Scholarship?

There are two ways to fund girls’ scholarships. The first is a one-year donation of $336, which covers uniforms, books, supplies and transportation costs to and from school. The second is to fund six years (grades 7-12) for a girl’s education with a donation of $2000.

Can I send monthly payments or do I have to pay the $336 at one time?

There are three ways to pay the $336 to fund a girl’s scholarship:

  •  Send a one-time payment of $336
  •  Send $56 a month for six months
  •  Send $28 a month for twelve months

If you choose the six or twelve month payment option, an email reminder will be sent to you on the 15th of every month.

Where do you get your funding?

Funding for Path of Hope comes from individual and corporate donations as well as grants.

How efficiently do you spend the money investors give you?

All scholarship donations to Path of Hope go directly to funding scholarships for girls’ education. Any unrestricted donations are used for administrative costs associated with supporting the foundation.  There are no paid staff members at Path of Hope. Volunteers run the foundation.

Why do only girls receive scholarships?

We believe that investing in girls is one of the best ways to help make positive changes in developing countries. Here are a few facts:

  • An extra year of secondary school raises a girl’s lifetime wages by 15-25%
  • An extra year of primary school raises a girl’s lifetime wages by 10-20%
  • For every development dollar spent, girls receive less than two cents.
  • A woman or girl will reinvest 90% of her income into her family.  A man will reinvest 30-40%.
  • When girls have received 7 or more years of education, they marry 4 years later and have 2.2 fewer children.
  • Research in developing countries has shown the children of educated women are healthier and more likely to be in school themselves.
  • Read more information on why we support girls.

Where can I find out about job / internship opportunities at Path of Hope?

Path of Hope anticipates internship opportunities in the near future. Contact us if you might be interested.

Can I visit a Path of Hope school site?

We make annual trips to Honduras, and supporters of Path of Hope can join our ground trip. Contact us if you might be interested.