Path of Hope Foundation

Path of Hope Foundation


What started as a simple dream to help one girl continue her education and fulfill her God-given potential has grown into a program that is changing the lives of many girls. By providing scholarships and support for girls in developing countries, the Path of Hope Foundation allows girls who would otherwise not have such an opportunity to continue their education and expand their horizons.

A non-profit organization, the Path of Hope Foundation has a direct, and daily, influence on the lives of these girls and increases their chances for a strong future. Education provides opportunities for jobs, enhances the ability to make good life decisions and ultimately improves the communities in which the girls live.

Sponsored by families around the country, the girls also receive the blessing of families that care for them, pray for them and encourage them. In communities that often lack any support for an extended education, this can often be the greatest benefit the girl will ever receive.

Through your support, girls now have a Path of Hope to the future.