Sarah-group-SM_1052Perhaps you’ve said to yourself, “I’ll get involved when I have more time.” or “I just can’t afford to help out right now.” or “It’s just not the right time.” Maybe the real question is, “Why not now?”

As you read this, there is a girl who would love more than anything to have the opportunity to continue her education. She dreams of a day where she too might have things we take for granted; electricity, clean water and money for food. She dreams, and to her, it’s just that, a dream.

$336, less than a dollar a day, will provide an educational scholarship for one of our girls. This scholarship covers school fees, uniforms, books, school supplies, transportation and food during school for an academic year.

$2,000 will provide the same scholarship for six years, or 7th through 12th grades for a single girl.

All scholarship donations to Path of Hope go directly to funding scholarships for girls’ education. If you so choose, you may make an unrestricted donation that can be used for administrative costs associated with supporting the foundation. There are no paid staff members at Path of Hope. Volunteers run the foundation.

Now is your chance to make a difference and start a girl on a Path of Hope.

One-Time Scholarship Donations

Click below to give $336 to support one girl for one full school year:


Click below to give $2,000 to support one girl for six full school years, for grades 7-12:


Monthly Scholarship Donations

If you would prefer to make smaller donations on a monthly basis rather than one lump sum, please let us know. Just click on the title of your preferred option below, and we’ll make arrangements for you to support one or more girls through the monthly donation of your choice.


General Donations

Click below to donate any amount in support of the administrative costs associated with supporting this volunteer-run Foundation: