The Basics

johnWhat do “the basics” mean to you? A quiet night at home with the family? A good meal around the table instead of eating out? Maybe renting a movie and staying in out of the weather. What would life be like if my “basics” were more basic than that? I find myself asking that a lot lately.

Maybe it’s because I have seen firsthand what other people consider to be the basics: a roof, some food and maybe shoes. That is WAY more basic than I could ever imagine!

Am I spoiled? No, I really don’t think so. But I certainly have gained a new appreciation for what our girls go through in Central America. Every day, they literally live with “the basics” without complaint. Never, in all my trips, have I talked with a girl or her family who said life was just too difficult to worry about school. Things that would bring me to my knees after just a few days are normal for them. Food, fresh water, a roof that doesn’t leak is all they need to keep going.

What matters most is that they can find a way to make life just a little easier. To them, education is the way.

They can live with “the basics” for as long as they have to. They know that someday, it will be better. They can handle the basics…

Can I?