Three Girls

005_3 girlsThis morning I went into my home office to work on my normal Path of Hope tasks. Weighing heavy on my heart the fact that we still have girls who do not have sponsors. What could I do today to try and find sponsors? How can I recruit some volunteers to help? How can I magically learn technology skills to make our website work better and why didn’t I major in marketing so that I know how to use social media? Arggg! I feel like I am letting down the girls who need our help.

But today my thoughts shifted from the normal everyday stresses because today, we received news about one of the families that our foundation helps. We have three girls that are receiving Path of Hope scholarships who lost their father – Nolvia, Celin, and Belsy’s father died today from an inoperable tumor. Today my thoughts shifted from their educational needs to the needs of a family who is grieving the death of a father and a husband. A family that will struggle to pay for a funeral, put food on the table, and make enough money to get by. A family whose needs for the basic necessities of life may overshadow for a time the need for an education.

I don’t know what their future holds, but for today I just pray that Nolvia, Celin and Belsy are comforted in their time of grief and have the assurance of a God who loves them. And I know the families who sponsor these girls are also praying for them during this time. I hope you take some time today to remember this family but to also be thankful for the blessings in your life.